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Very small note lettering problem on ipad

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I recently bought an ipad and the letters in the notes look too small, I have more than 1000 notes and I can't be resizing the letters on a note-by-note basis.

Is there a way to change the font size of all the notes at once from within the evernote app? or in a future update of the application?

From the ipad itself, it gives you the option to change the size of the letters, but when I do it, only the title of the notebooks, menus, but not the letters inside the notes, which are what matter, change the size.


(Excuse my English, I have translated the text with google since I do not know how to write in English)

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No such option, the one for the general text size will not work in the notes body, as you have found out yourself.

Not sure if EN has any plans to introduce a font size option one day.

Personally I have no problem with text size on iPad or iPhone - with good eyesight (or accordingly adapted glases) it is no problem. But if you have an accessibility issue, it may be too small.

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