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Evernote Android Won't Sync - Even after reinstall

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About an hour ago, I noticed my note changes on my Android device wouldn't sync.  I tried stopping the app, and restarting.  I tried rebooting the device.  I tried logging out, but it just hung and wouldn't log me out.  Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Android app.  NOW, I'm stuck unable to login - it's hung (similar to when I tried to logout before).  Is anybody else experiencing this issue?  By the way, everything is working fine on my Windows Desktop app.  I tried logging into the website, but I cannot since I can only sync two devices, and I sync my Windows app and my Android app.

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Notes are not updating on Android.Edited a note and changes not saved. App hung. Clearing the cache seems to have fixed it. Also there is a blue line going from right to left on the homescreen as if it's syncing. Once I edit a note this goes away. 

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