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Account deactivated & refund process

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A week ago, on 13th December I wasn't able to log in to my Evernote account. When I put my log in details it said that my account has been deactivated. 
I actually wanted to cancel my subscription but since I couldn't log in, I was unable to.

I raised a ticket '3425186' and received an email on 16th December that they are still working on it.

On 17th, I was billed for annual business premium fee.

On 19th I tried again and was able to log in so I cancelled the subscription right away. I also created another ticket that I wish to get a full refund and want to know my account was deactivated. And sent an email to compliance@evernote.com

Does deactivation of account occurs often in Evernote? Will I be able to receive a full refund?

Thank you.

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Hi.  I've not seen any complaints about the process before.  If you raised your ticket around 13 December,  it's not unreasonable that less than 7 days later they are still working on it - but you may have delayed matters rather than helping,  but submitting another separate ticket.  It would have been better to go back to them quoting the original ticket number.  I'm also pretty sure that the 'compliance' address you used is not the correct one. Best I can do is flag this post for the Evernote Admins to see whether they can find the two tickets and resolve things with you direct.  We are coming up on the year end holiday period though,  so things will move slowly from here...

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