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Is there a way to copy and paste pdf's between notes in EN for windows desktop v10?

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Part of my workflow is copying and pasting pdfs from one note to another.  This is easy in EN Legacy but I can't figure out how to do it in v10.  When I right click there is no "copy" option, and therefore no way to copy/paste it.  I suppose I could save the pdf to the desktop and then drag it into the note that I want.  That's the only solution I've found.  Is my impression correct?


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Gazumped you are a genius!  I never thought of doing that.  In Legacy when I highlight the file I can easily right click and see a Copy option. I can also highlight the file and copy/paste in Legacy (and do that quite often).  However,  In v10 when I highlight the file the "copy" option is grayed out ie: not available and I never even thought to try copy/paste.  I assume that this is some kind of bug because it doesn't look the same in Legacy.  Thanks again, I almost didn't post the question because I was so sure that there was no way around it.    

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