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Is V10 slow for a small amount of notes.

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I read much complaining on that V10 is slow.

Is it slow for a small amout of notes?  I have about 3K notes & my exb file is about 1.7GB

I am using Legacy on Windows 10 and the IOS app on iPhone.

I sync up easily and use the iPhone app very often.  The app is very fast.

I "love" Evernote.

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Have more notes, and most seem to be larger than yours, since my GB size is much larger.

Mac with v10 and legacy, Windows v10 in a virtual machine on the Mac (!), Web Client on some computers, several iOS devices. I can’t complain at all, EN is running fine on all platforms. The one small exception are multi note operations - there legacy is still much faster than v10.

My use of EN has shifted more and more towards the v10 clients. Day to day I use only v10. Legacy is only needed for some housekeeping jobs.

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