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Accidentally deleted note content, how to restore?

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I fell asleep while updating a note I add to daily. I awoke to find the note content replaced with gobbledigook (eg, rows of the letter 'm', plus some fractions) where the note content used to be. Is there any way to restore to the previous day's version of the note? I checked the Trash folder just in case but no joy - understandably as it is the note content that is missing not the note. Other notes seem fine. I am using an android phone with EN 8.13.3.  Any help would be VERY gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 

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3 hours ago, buckethead said:

With a personal subscription you have access to note history. I am not sure if it is retroactive or not, but that is the only way I am familiar with getting old versions of notes.


A great many thanks for your reply. I didn't know about note history so will check out later and let you/forum know how I get on. Thanks again!






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