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Unauthorized Charge of Full Personal Subscription to avail of 50% Student Discount which was not duly applied

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I am a student with a learning disability. I went to get the 50% student discount as advised by my college as they are included in the list of colleges applicable.

However the website stated I had to sign up for a personal subscription first to avail of this. Which I did and was free. When I went to sign in with my existing account to avail of the student discount it said it was only available to basic or free users? Therefore I was charged a full 59.99???

I have spent 4 hours trying to get in contact with no response. I cannot afford this. I was assuming the discount would be applied due to my college email and it was not.

Moreover my app is now telling me I don’t even have a personal account even tho the money has left my bank account? I have not even started using Evernote yet! Can someone please reply, change my subscription to student and refund me the remaining amount!!!!! The website and helpline is completely contradictory and non existent . 

Thank you










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Hi.  The Forums here are (mainly) user-supported with Evernote staff monitoring threads.  It's better to use the Support channels to report issues or to feedback direct to Evernote

For general payment issues see

NB for iTunes payments please contact them direct.

Payments in India - https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/139232-issues-with-web-based-subscriptions-for-users-in-india/ 


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