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Discount for those who have already been a Plus/Premium subscriber

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Hello dear and dear Elephants!
I come here to inquire about the possibility of Evernote allowing former subscribers to subscribe to the new plan with the same price as older subscribers pay or offering a discount a little more advantageous.

But why?
Well, I'm a resident of Brazil and let's say that our currency is not doing very well on its legs 🥲 and, in this sense, making a payment of R$ 25.90/month or R$ 14.06/annual ends up compromising the budget of those who use the most - students. 📘🤓

Nothing more to add, thanks!

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Obrigado - EN offers every year for a certain time a first year discount. Then there is a student discount, if you qualify.

That is it, I‘m afraid.

If you are on a weak currency (be happy you are in Brazil, imagine you were in Turkey …), it will always be a challenge to keep up with hard currency prices. But I don’t know an easy fix for that problem.

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