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Kind of liking the ios version of evernote.

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I have to say that overall the ios version has gotten quite useful for me.  I enjoy the new "Home" customized look and am finding that I'm actually using it to pin notes, glance at my tasks and look at the calendar (integrates nicely with Google calendar).  However, I am also getting better results from my filtered searches than previous versions.  So, overall I would say that it's improving nicely and is quite usable.  As a power user I am still sticking to Legacy for the desktop because I find it better.  I see a lot of silly posts online and youtube regarding using various alternatives for Evernote desktop but I really can't imagine that any of those can match the overall utility of Legacy.  I won't even contemplate a switch unless Legacy is phased out (God forbid!).



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Personally I think legacy for the desktop will die of old age - or when OS changes accidentally renders it useless. For EN I don't see any reason to kill it - it does not use any resources, and it makes users happy who rely on it.

But OK, there are always prophets of doom, and maybe they even got it right this time.

I think I will build myself a library of "EN doomsday YT clips", using this amazing new feature in v10 to embed and play a YT video right from the note. Just for a good laugh ... 😇

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