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Did We Figure out Why Slow Download for iPad?



I know this has been discussed before, but after fully downloading my database a few months ago, I noticed it has come out of sync — see photo. I let it run for a bit in the foreground, but it was only managing some 145 kb/s — see photo. Is this normal? Is it OK?

I know some people have some responses prepared, so let me save some bandwidth by addressing those preemptively. See below expected responses and my response to those responses.

  1. The storage is full
    1. Nope. See attached photo clearly showing 500+ GB available.
  2. You have a slow connection
    1. Nope. See attached speed test I just ran.
  3. You have a slow iPad
    1. Nope. See attached photo identifying this as an M1 iPad Pro.
  4. You shouldn’t download your notebooks (it is a waste; no one needs to do that; you have better uses for your storage; etc.)
    1. Maybe or maybe not, but this is a philosophical discussion that probably has nothing at all to do with download speed.

Does anyone know what causes slow download speed?





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Download is not fast - maybe they throttle it to avoid server overload.

But usually it stays in sync after the initial download went through.

Either you added a lot of stuff, or new notebooks.

Standard procedure: Turn autolockscreen off, put the iPad on charger, make EN the active app, let it run, for example during the night.

BTW - you use a lot of tiny notebooks. I would look into larger notebooks and the use of tags as a more efficient way to organize information.

And another hint: Offline search (currently) does not work for attached content, like PDFs.

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