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Unsyncing/syncing problem

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I searched for this issue and found a thread that was hijacked with several "me too" posts. Couldn't determine if the OP ever got an answer. If someone sees this post and has a similar issue please, please  either make your own post requesting help or wait for answers here to see if you can use the info. Multiple threads on one post are confusing.

Here goes...

I just downgraded to the free personal account. I just need to use EN on my android phone and my desktop. I tried to unsync an extra device but each time I tried to access EN on my desktop  I was asked to unsync a device. I have now run through my 2 allotted unsync attempts. Can someone explain to me the difference between the windows desktop app and EN web? also, how do I set EN up so that I am using it on my phone and on my desktop without repeated instructions to unsync a device? What was I doing wrong?


Thank you for any help

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The windows client is an app that installs to the PC. It runs on the PC, not inside of a browser session.

The web client is accessed by opening a browser, going to evernote.com and logging in. This starts the web client, which is working directly (=as direct as possible) on the EN server data. Since October 2020 the web client is counted as a device - even if on the same PC there is an EN windows client logged into the same account. In this case you use up 2 „devices“ on the same physical PC.

You need to decide whether to use the installed client or the web client - at least if you need another free client for your phone. On the phone, only an installed client will work, not the browser access (there are tricks …).


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The difference in features is pretty small, this is why they made the web client a device. Some examples:

  • The installed client can hold your data for offline use - the web client can't.
  • The web client can be used on other OSes than Windows or Mac, like Linux.
  • The app client needs to be installed, which may be difficult on a work computer, and not advisable on a public computer (like in a library or hotel).

If you work in a classic setup with computer + phone, I would rather use the installed client. But as I said, the difference is pretty small nowadays.

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Excellent explanation. Thank you.

Going forward: when my "unsync clock" is reset next month I will return and hopefully you will be able to guide me through deleting my unwanted devices. Whatever interface I was using used up my attempts without success and I am locked out on my PC. My phone still has access so I'm OK.

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If you have an issue with the PC, I would make a complete uninstall of the app from the PC.

Unsync it before using the account settings, tab devices. Then install an uninstaller app - on Windows the Revo Uninstaller was recommended. Use it to completely uninstall EN and all of its data files.

The go to evernote.com and download the newest installer. Run it to make a clean install of EN.

Hint: There is a bug in the latest installer for EN 10.23 for the PC (not for the Mac). It seems it falsely changed the setting of which program type is opened with which app for several file types that have nothing to do with EN. If you can afford it (or need to wait anyhow), wait for 10.24.

You can unlock the freeze any time by subscribing to a plan for a single month - this opens the device situation. You just need to make sure the right 2 devices (and only these) are synced before falling back to Free again.

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