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  1. Excellent explanation. Thank you. Going forward: when my "unsync clock" is reset next month I will return and hopefully you will be able to guide me through deleting my unwanted devices. Whatever interface I was using used up my attempts without success and I am locked out on my PC. My phone still has access so I'm OK.
  2. Thank you for your response. So, what is the difference to the user between the web client and the Windows client?
  3. I searched for this issue and found a thread that was hijacked with several "me too" posts. Couldn't determine if the OP ever got an answer. If someone sees this post and has a similar issue please, please either make your own post requesting help or wait for answers here to see if you can use the info. Multiple threads on one post are confusing. Here goes... I just downgraded to the free personal account. I just need to use EN on my android phone and my desktop. I tried to unsync an extra device but each time I tried to access EN on my desktop I was asked to unsync a device. I have now run through my 2 allotted unsync attempts. Can someone explain to me the difference between the windows desktop app and EN web? also, how do I set EN up so that I am using it on my phone and on my desktop without repeated instructions to unsync a device? What was I doing wrong? Thank you for any help
  4. How does the charge on your credit card statement read for the Evernote subscription? Does it have the word "Evernote"? thank you
  5. Issue has been resolved. Thank you for your response though.
  6. I have 3 columns first is like a directory tree second is a list of the notes in a particular folder. Each note has a sort of screen shot of the contents of the note. the last column is where the actual note and its contents are displayed The third column opens a blank window for the note. I used to be able to view the entire note here. Not anymore.
  7. Thanks for the reply but that is not my issue. i am getting the "authentication failed" message when i want to use my tablet without being logged in to Evernote. i wish to stop getting the "authentication Failed" message when i dont need to use Evernote on that device.
  8. I use Evernote on several devices. I use the free version so need to enable/disable devices. Right now I am on my Android tablet but not logged into Evernote. When I boot the tablet I get "Authentication Failed". How do I stop the tablet from attempting authentication?
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