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  1. Issue has been resolved. Thank you for your response though.
  2. I have 3 columns first is like a directory tree second is a list of the notes in a particular folder. Each note has a sort of screen shot of the contents of the note. the last column is where the actual note and its contents are displayed The third column opens a blank window for the note. I used to be able to view the entire note here. Not anymore.
  3. Thanks for the reply but that is not my issue. i am getting the "authentication failed" message when i want to use my tablet without being logged in to Evernote. i wish to stop getting the "authentication Failed" message when i dont need to use Evernote on that device.
  4. I use Evernote on several devices. I use the free version so need to enable/disable devices. Right now I am on my Android tablet but not logged into Evernote. When I boot the tablet I get "Authentication Failed". How do I stop the tablet from attempting authentication?
  5. i figured it out. Thank you to those that tried to help.OK.
  6. So i just installed EN on a new laptop. I signed in and synced. All of my folders display on the left panel and show the number of notes contained. I have view note list set to "list". And i have "show note panel" checked. Problem is only one note displays on the right even though several notes are listed in the folder. My tablet displays the list of notes contained in the folder.
  7. Sorry, I was confusing. What I mean to say is that my FF clipper works great. Sharing with my Android phone does not render the page so I thought that a clipper from EN might work better.
  8. Is there no Clipperfor android to complement my clipper for Firefox?
  9. So, After upgrading to this newer version I rebooted. Now I see the annotation bar. Not as robust as skitch though. I miss the arrows :-) Anyway....thank you for your help.
  10. I have been using clipper for several years now and love it. I just foumd out that annotating a clip is functional in chrome, ie, safari but not in firefox. Will these functions be available in FF in the future? Thank you
  11. Firefox 33.1 When i try to print a clipped page, the image is too large. I have tried re-formatting the margins and printing in landscape.
  12. Update, I put a tech support request in on the Evernote website. Within 12 hours they sent me this fix....and it worked!! 12 hours....with a free account. Kudos to Evernote!! =========================================================================== We believe that the latest Windows pre-release version may address the issue that you reported. Please go to: File > Exit Run the "Control Panel" application, then go to "Programs and Features" ("Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP). Uninstall Evernote. Reboot your computer. Download and install this pre-release version of the Windows client: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/get.php?file=PrereleaseWinBeta Install as an Administrator, with Internet Explorer and Outlook (if present) closed, selecting "Install for You" and not "Install for Everyone" during the installation process ==============================================================
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