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Bug/Feature/User Error? Need Help

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Needed to access a notebook today on my Android phone, but the notebook was not there. This is probably my most used notebook when out with the phone. Used my backups on Nimbus to access the data I needed and dug into it when I got home. 

First I checked other devices. The notebook is on Windows, my Android tablet and web versions. So, I go back to the phone and searched for a note in that notebook. The note comes up, so I clicked on Move note. Normally, the notebook the not is currently in shows up blue with a checkmark. In this case, the notebook was greyed out with a lock beside it. 

I tried to look at option or settings on that notebook on the Android tablet, but the software was so slow and non-responsive, I gave up. 

Any ideas, other than uninstall and reinstall? I've done that 3 times on each device now and that has gotten to be old. 

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OK, so... I decided to reboot the phone, just in case. After doing so, more notebooks are missing, but now there are gaps where they should be. As if they are there but not displaying. Took a wild guess and looked at Dark Mode setting. It was set to use device setting, which is not where I had set it. I changed it back to Dark Mode, and all my notebooks reappear. 

This Android thing is getting to be a train wreck. Works fine sometimes and not at all others. Works for some people and not others. I'm glad we have a unified platform. That makes me feel better. 

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3 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Ask support first, including an activity log ?

Maybe EN is able to learn some from your experience … would at least do any good of it !

I don't disagree, but I've got so many tickets open now and nothing has been fixed going back for months. Tired of being a beta tester.

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Welcome to the club !

It is this, or hope it will go away by itself, or trying the 3 layered solution spiral:

  1. Close, shut the device off, on again, open
  2. Log out, off, on, log in
  3. uninstall, off, on, reinstall

Actually you end up doing this with or without support anyhow.

P.S. We can add „toggle dark mode“, „toggle edit protection“ and „toggle spell checker“ to the list, as we can add „remove device database on leaving“ to it.

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