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Getting hacked :/


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I am note sure where to post this

There are multiple devices logging in to my evernote account 


Last month there were 7 devices.. I was sleepy and didn't digest the info and just reved the devices casually 😕


Today I logged in and found the same devices logged in different time frames 

I have personal data stored in my evernote account 


I am sending a screenshot of connected devices below: the very top one is mineScreenshot_20210909-143657_Evernote.thumb.jpg.82850ac77bd9e3735b51a25bbf856eb1.jpg

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You probably use the same password on several accounts. One of them got hacked in the past, guys try them on other accounts, and there you go.

If you had 2FA enabled to protect your personal information, even a leaked password would not be enough.

Here is what you need to do now:


If my assumption about your use of login data is correct, your EN account will not be the only one in danger. Make sure you safeguard the others as well.

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Since evernote doesnt have even a proper email to get back to , I am posting this here . My account has been hacked from multiple locations 4 days back along with my whole life and other details . I have been using the paid memebership of  evernote for the last 6 years , but I saw that this security issue was adressed by multiple people here 3 years back. . Seriously was the develiopement team sleeping for the last 3 eyars since this issue has been reported ? I am proceeding ahead here with a police complaint and more are to follow. 


Evernote is responsible for Any damage done to me because this was an issue that could be easily fixed by your security team .. all that was to be done was to give an instant notification. I am posting these here for the records. 

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Do you reuse passwords between services ? Or add slight modifications, easily to be guessed ?

Do you only set up strong and unique passwords for every service you use ? Something like 20+ characters, mixed lower & upper case, numbers and symbols, nothing found in any dictionary, nothing with a pattern.

Did you set up 2FA, available from EN since long for the Free and paid accounts ? For paid users even with 2 options, message and app. The app is more secure, just to mention it.

Did you follow this publicly available help document ?


No need to answer. If you want to secure your account from the gaps created by your own handling of security, you have better things to do than posting here.

Because usually people practice insecure methods on many of their accounts, you better start cleaning up all other accounts as well after you locked up your EN account properly. Getting a password manager and an authenticator app would be a good starting point to „Mission Security“.

No, this was not polite and understanding, but I think you needed a clear statement instead of soothing things over with irrelevant chitchat. It is user2user, no insult intended.

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