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Bring back screenshot possibility, even when passcode is active




I discovered some inconsistency in the possibility of making screenshots in Evernote versions:

In Evernote 6.x (Premium) it was always possible to make screenshots (Android) EVEN when a passcode is used!

In Evernote 10.16 (Personal) it is not possible to make a screenshot as long as a passcode is used in Evernote. When I disable the passcode I can make screenshots.

A better solution would be, that screenshots are indeed possible when I have used my passcode and can view my notes, when I am logged in.

It is doubly mocked to deactivate screenshots AND to have a passcode active (incl. Biometry).

The solution in Evernote 6 was better, there I can make screenshots AND having biometry/passcode active.

So my only possibility would be to take screenshots (e.g. for the forum here) by deactivating the passcode every time - very cumbersome, very annoying.

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Good hint. To drop it on the desk of EN product management you can use the feedback function build into the clients.

Personally I think it is security overkill to enable a passcode on an app in addition to the device security. The only apps where I do is my password manager and the banking apps.

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