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You can create a template with all the settings you want, and use it when you create a new note.

It will have all the settings you made individually.

An alternative is to create a note with your settings and pin them to shortcuts. Whenever you want a new note with your settings, duplicate this shortcut note, and you are good to go.

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The easiest explanation is maybe that the feature to create own templates is restricted to subscribers.

In this case create a note, modify it, set the Normal Text text style to the modified format and save it.

Select it as a shortcut, and always use a duplicate to start a new note. It will inherit the  settings from the original note.

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Thank you PinkElephant.

I can't even modify the text syles... I suppose the "no subscriber" reason should be the right one...
I checked the payment subscriptions plans but I did't see these features listed, so I though maybe them sohould have been moved somewhere else...

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