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MAC Disable auto formatting



It seems auto formatting cannot be disables on the MacOs platform!! So why is this not possible?  Seems Evernote is not built for simple formatting.  I use it extensively for coding and it really is getting to be less and less a desirable tools for this.  Auto changing double quotes to open and close and not being to disable this is a horrible idea.  Of course I can change it, but WHY do I have to do this?  You guys spend a huge amount of time adding new "minor" features.  How about making the base app more capable.

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Please allow us to turn off auto formatting.  Common items I type keep changing and I have to press Command-Z each time to get back to original characters.

Other forum members, please Vote this Up!



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Are you talking about normal text portions or code block sections ?

Normal text is optimized for ease of readability, which may include some format improvements.

Codeblock should not be changed.

Personally I use COTEditor for coding on the Mac. EN with code block is used in my setup to store code snippets for future use.


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