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Tags: allow moving of tags in 'edit tags' menu



Handling of tags is still strikingly incoherent. The 'edit tags' menue (from the ... menue on the upper right) allows to serach for and create new tags, but it doesn't allow to organise tags by drag-and-drop within the tag hierarchy. You have to go to a different tag menu for that.  

Allow moving tags by drag-and-drop (just like in any other file/folder tree structure) also in the edit tag menu.

(Generally, allow such basic functionality wherever tags are used in the UI).


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I meant the desktop client. 

On the mobile client, tagging, especially organising tags by moving them, is such a usability disaster that I'm not using it.  (Count the number of steps for a simple thing like moving a tag in a different folder on the mobile client...)

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