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Device authorization and unsyncing restrictions and hacked account

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Hi - I can't find where to post this so I'll post here. So my evernote was hacked and I had to deauthorize a bunch of devices (how all those people from 5 different countries accessed my account and I wasn't notified I am baffled). Now when I want to authorize my device it won't let me because it says I have unsynced the maximum devices for the month. So I wanted to add the app to my laptop and tried to unsync my ipad and it won't let me because I had to unsync all of those hacker devices. There's nobody to contact or call. No way to solve this. Customer service fail.

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As a free user you are not entitled to customer service.

If you want to sort this out fast, get a month of Personal subscription. This removes the cap on devices, plus gives you access to support. If nothing else has happened to you by the hack than paying a month of subscription , fell part of the lucky ones.

About the access: Very likely these guys sit in a basement just down the street, and use a VPN to cloak their real position. Standard, but since not only hackers use VPNs to access their EN accounts it is not that easy to tell the wolves from the sheep.

Better not to get hacked, by only using strong and unique passwords, and enable 2FA.

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Hey PinkE,

Thanks for the response. Yes I know I am not entitled to customer service, but I still feel like when you are hacked it should be provided.

I'm working to set up 2FA using a third party app for all of my accounts (rather than texting my phone number), but I can't see how to do that for EN. I did set up the 2FA text notification with EN, but would rather just do the third party app - all my other apps provided me with a code or a barcode, but I can't see how to that with EN. It's like they don't even care if the account is secure.

As far as paying - I'm going to wait until I'm clear to authorize a device again after the allotted time has passed (deauthorizing all the hackers put me at my monthly limit) then export all of my notes, then delete the account entirely. Why reward the company for failing to notify or protect me, and then limiting my ability to fix it? About 9-10 years ago when I started using it I was a teacher trying to find a way to sync image, audio, and text files across devices and it worked well. It's been replaced as my go-to app, but I'd like to keep my EN notes and student work from back then as part of my portfolio. So I need the app to export notes (one at a time, for pete's sake!) and I need to authorize that app as a device - it can't be done from the website login.

I do not actually need Evernote itself at all, and will get rid of it as soon as I get my notes off of it.


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2FA for Free accounts is restricted to messaging. They tell this wrong in the Plans overview, but correctly here:


You may try access to customer service, through this link. It may work for a few ticket types - did not work for me last time I tried however (I run a second free account, mainly for testing):

Exporting stuff is easier with the legacy client. Maybe you use it while you don’t have a device limit:

Regarding security: You are responsible to assure account security yourself. You have the same possibilities to do this as every user, up to the full subscriptions. 

Usually when this failed, there is a user side problem BEYOND the EN account ! If I were you, I would review what happened, and make sure all of my accounts are safe.

You can check if your login data is circulating in the internet here:

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Device and unsync limit apply to Free users only. The device limit was there since ever, but probably not really enforced, the unsync limit is relatively new. There were users on the Free plan who permanently swapped devices by unsyncing. So EN installed a mechanism to prevent this. Worst case this can lead to a temporary lock out situation, if one unsyncs the wrong devices.

You can check your account status, seen by EN in your account information.

If you feel unduly treated, here is the support ticket link. Ticket types Account or Billing should work for all users.

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