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  1. Thanks! I was able to find info on breaches for several email addresses and have worked to fix the ones that I have not updated recently.
  2. Hey PinkE, Thanks for the response. Yes I know I am not entitled to customer service, but I still feel like when you are hacked it should be provided. I'm working to set up 2FA using a third party app for all of my accounts (rather than texting my phone number), but I can't see how to do that for EN. I did set up the 2FA text notification with EN, but would rather just do the third party app - all my other apps provided me with a code or a barcode, but I can't see how to that with EN. It's like they don't even care if the account is secure. As far as paying - I'm going to wait until I'm clear to authorize a device again after the allotted time has passed (deauthorizing all the hackers put me at my monthly limit) then export all of my notes, then delete the account entirely. Why reward the company for failing to notify or protect me, and then limiting my ability to fix it? About 9-10 years ago when I started using it I was a teacher trying to find a way to sync image, audio, and text files across devices and it worked well. It's been replaced as my go-to app, but I'd like to keep my EN notes and student work from back then as part of my portfolio. So I need the app to export notes (one at a time, for pete's sake!) and I need to authorize that app as a device - it can't be done from the website login. I do not actually need Evernote itself at all, and will get rid of it as soon as I get my notes off of it.
  3. Hi - I can't find where to post this so I'll post here. So my evernote was hacked and I had to deauthorize a bunch of devices (how all those people from 5 different countries accessed my account and I wasn't notified I am baffled). Now when I want to authorize my device it won't let me because it says I have unsynced the maximum devices for the month. So I wanted to add the app to my laptop and tried to unsync my ipad and it won't let me because I had to unsync all of those hacker devices. There's nobody to contact or call. No way to solve this. Customer service fail.
  4. SO - I have the same issue as those outlined above with the access from other countries, and luckily I did not have any sensitive information stored on my account. I changed my password and set up two factor authentication (which quite frankly when I set my account up many, many years ago I don't recall as an option, and I have not used my EN account for several years, so it wasn't front of mind). I removed access for the unauthorized devices (how was I not informed of those?). Then today I get an email today with spam/fishing that is from MYSELF using both my evernote address and my secondary address on EN as the sender! So, I guess since they couldn't get any personal data they just stole my email identity? I've changed my password, set up 2-factor, etc, how are they still using my email? I went ahead and reset my evernote email and changed the other email on my EN account. Will they still be able to use those email accounts? I have so many notes, etc on the EN account, but rather NOT spend forever exporting them one by one - I'm ready to just delete my EN account and let it all go - none of it is critical even though I'd like to keep it. Edit - I did find I had uploaded a phone bill and a paycheck stub back in 2015 - not sure if the hackers accessed that information by downloading the attachments. Wow. I wish those foreign access events had been flagged or prevented somehow.
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