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Evernote opening with two screens/monitors results in blank/frozon window

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It seems this issue have existed for some decent time. Someone already posted this problem and I replied there. Since nobody noticed this issue, I'm creating this separate topic.

I am using Win 10, EN latest version currently on my laptop. This situation happens when:

  1. I am using multiple screens with different resolutions
  2. I open EN in one screen and I drag it to the other screen

The screen sometimes shows things and I have trouble select and click on things shown, like I can't edit notes or select my notes. In other situations, it just can't stop loading and turns white even I tried to scale it to window mode or full-screen mode. 

Since the 10.x versions work like a browser, I doubt this situation happens because EN fails to or don't detect the resolution of the new screen and make changes to this "browser". I am not good at networking, those F12 shown content I just can't comprehend. 


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If this happens on Win10, I can add the observation that it does not happen on my 2 screen setup on the Mac.

I can move the EN window from one to the other, without even a slight shiver or interruption. To me it looks more than an issue with Windows than with the EN client, especially because the client has no monitor settings or control whatsoever.

I am not an expert on Windows, but I think it would do no harm to check the monitor and graphic card drivers if there are newer versions.

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I was having a lot of issues with my 2 screen setup on Win10. I fixed it by changing resolution on one of the screens.  In my case, I had a higher resolution on the smaller screen, which created problems moving an EN window between them (or even if it was overlapping the two screens).  By making the resolution on both somewhat proportional to their physical size, problems solved.

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