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When I open evernote when using two monitors, the screen appears extremely large, resulting in two white screens on my monitors, unable to access the toolbars

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Hi please help, when i did an update, it seems to have changed some setting, the display of the notes are large, resulting in large white screen, unable to view any of the writing, or tool bars


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This error has been around for a long time, it varies from person to person when it appears, for me this white screen appeared 2 months ago that is forever loading and preventing me from using evernote on both pc and cell phone. The mobile app is already getting pretty low grades because the tech team just doesn't seem to mind fixing it. I would sign or start in the week that this problem started to appear for me, I spent a long time trying to solve it, but from what I understand there is simply nothing to do. The simplest way to fix this is to never use evernote again and change it to Onenote, it's simpler, there's no such problem and the microsoft team at least cares when there's an error.

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If you get a screen that stays on loading forever, you have probably exceeded your device limit.

To Check go to your account on a working client, check the devices. The web client is counted as a device. You are allowed 2, if you want to connect another, you have to be down to 1. Sometimes it may get mixed up in counting - then unsync the device you try to connect, and connect again.

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It seems this issue existed for some decent time. Since someone already posted this problem, I'll supplement my experience and context here.

I am using Win 10, EN latest version currently on my laptop. This situation happens when:

  1. I am using multiple screens with different resolutions
  2. I open EN in one screen and I drag it to the other screen

The screen sometimes shows things and I have trouble select and click on things shown, like I can't edit notes or select my notes. In other situations, it just can't stop loading and turns white even I tried to scale it to window mode or full-screen mode. 

Since the 10.x versions work like a browser, I doubt this situation happens because EN fails to or don't detect the resolution of the new screen and make changes to this "browser". I am not good at networking, those F12 shown content I just can't comprehend. 


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