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Retain an imported file's date created/modifed when using Save As



When a file has been imported into Evernote via Import Folders or any other method, and you later use "Save As" to grab a copy of that file, the saved file's Date Created and Date Modified are set to when you used "Save As".


For consistency it would be much better if the Date Created/Modified from the original file were retained when using "Save As".


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If I remember it correctly, this is the normal behavior of the "save as ..." function of the OS.

It does the same when I keep a file in a finder folder, and later create a copy by "save as".

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Interestingly, it may be an implementation detail, but the legacy Evernote client on macOS will "Save As" the file with Created date intact if the file was imported on that same machine with the legacy client. If it was imported on another machine, or it's a clean re-install and the notes sync'd down, then the Created date will be the current datetime when using "Save As".

On the new client it always sets the Created date to the current datetime regardless of whether the file was imported on the same machine or not.

Either way, would be great if it was possible for Evernote to keep track of the Created/Modified date for an imported file, and set things back to that state when using "Save As" so that the file is as imported.

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