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Urgent Payment Question Needing Answered!!

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I'm not sure HOW the "upgrades" are going to be implemented. I normally pay for the annual PREMIUM plan in December. However, with the new plans and the ability to check out the new features before upgrading, is EN going to automatically charge my account to upgrade???? OR is EN going to give me the option first? I'm still struggling with all of this, so I don't know what I should do.

May be a dumb question, but I just feel the need to ask.

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Full Premium was automatically converted into Personal, for he same price. This subscription will automatically renew, as before.

Same with Plus and rebated Premium, both will not upgrade, and won’t get the new features of Personal.

Professional is a new level. To reach it one must upgrade manually.

First step check in your account settings on which plan you are now.

Then think it through, which plan you want to have. Give it a try (14 days, if I am not mistaken). Upgrade if you want. EN will deduct the amount already paid from the new subscription price until the end of the prior subscription period.

Caution: All this is from forum posts. If you want to be sure, contact support.

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