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Text tools (e.g., Highlight) not available in Web Clip

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If you want to edit a web clip, you must first convert it into a simplified version.

Click on the web clip. A title menu with 3 items will show at the top center of it.

Click on the magic wand, or on the 3 dots, then on simplify formatting. After it converted the clip, you can edit it.

If you want to save a copy of the original web clip, duplicate the note before simplifying.

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On 7/25/2021 at 11:15 PM, ElCoyoteSurvives said:

I can highlight, boldface, etc, in Legacy but in v10 all tools are grayed out. Also I can't click to place the cursor anywhere except in Title.

@PinkElephantis exactly right. However, if you find that simplifying destroys the formatting too much and all you want to do is highlight, annotate etc there is another solution that sometimes works quite well. Print the webpage to pdf saving it to the EN import folder. Printing web pages can be a disaster but if it looks OK you can then use EN's pdf annotation capabiliy.

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Thank you, PinkElephant and Mike P. I tried Simplify formatting on one clip (after saving a copy). It worked as you said it would. For my purposes, I can live with the resultant formatting to "HTML Content".

I also tried using the text formatting tools in Legacy. Open the web clip. Highlight some text. Close Legacy, open v10, and the highlighting is still there! The note was converted from Web Clip to HTML Content, but the original formatting of the web clip appears to remain. Another reason for me to keep Legacy around for awhile.

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