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Evernote Web Clipper- Article format

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Hiya, hope everyone doing well.

I am using the Evernote Web Clipper extension in Chrome, when I click on it to capture a page and select clip format as 'Article', it shows a green boundary zone with + and - signs on top. Clicking on + expands the boundary/capture area and - does the reverse naturally. The boundary is determined automatically and there is no way to manually select it. Can this be looked into please in future updates?

PS> I don't want to do screenshot for free selection, rather looking to have the control on Article format.

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Personally I don't think this is possible, at least not in the meaning of placing the edge where you want it to go.

The green edge is not just jumping around - it is placed where the HTML code shows a new object starts or ends. Modern web pages are build from many elements, stacked together from a database that holds them. Web Clipper needs to grab an entire object to allow the EN app to reproduce the web site.

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