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Evernote data folder is required to change manually as in Legacy version.



Just tested the version 10.

My main issue, was that I couldn't find how to change the data folder of the evernote, as I had it in 6.5 version (which now is Legacy).

I need that option for two reasons:

1. Security: I do use evernote in combination with external encrypted drives. All the data are stored in the encrypted drives, and not in the computers I may use where others can have access too.

2. Low Disk Space in my laptop. My old laptop, which i do most of my work, has ~10GB space on windows disk. Thus I need evernote to store data elsewhere (external encrypted drives). Using V10 it started downloading GB of data to windows disk, without any option to change it, as I do in the Legacy mode.

For those two reason, the lack of the option of setting where the data folder of evernote should be in V10, makes it useless to me.

Luckily I found he legacy version to return back to the predefined setup that I had.

Please incorporate this critical option ASAP.

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