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  1. I agree about that. But I think what I've write below as a Demo is also a Note (and NOT Document), that Evernote should help to easily made and support (-update) by anyone shared-editor without a lot of effort and without messing up with Headings Styles and Numbers! And I think such kind of note, is a really useful note as you can understand it's contents with just a glance (time optimized!) (Especially if it had an a Table Of Contents preview). Note-Title: Evernote and Headings dialog 1. About In this dialog notes some users want Evernote to provide the ability of easy adding and handling Headings and Outline in the notes. 2. Pros & Cons of Headings in Evernote After a lot of talking and ideas sharing I've concluded to the following Pros & Cons. 2.1. Pros A lot of Evernote users registered to the forum and wrote down ideas about adding Headings/Outlines, Styles and Anchors (or Table Of Contents) inside a note. The fact that they registered and lost time to write and propose ideas, means that they really interested for the product, and they have needs that they expect the product to cover. Headings/Outlines seems not to be relatively very hard to be added to the software. However they are very useful, specially when someone tries to write a note with more information that just a few lines. Headings/Outlines does not correspond to strictly to Documents. They are part of notes, and in some cases they are essential - specially when keeping notes: Outlines are used for notes ([1]). → Outlines. Mind-Maps for example, which are relatively-corresponding to Outlines are used for note taking too ([2]). Using other files for just to have Heading/Outlines structure on your notes Requires the use of other applications by you and your collaborators Inserts delays on access Make documents unnecessary larger (files contains extra meta non-textual information). Using Headings in our notes, help us to have more structural and official notes for more serious works! For notes that are relatively large Anchor links (Aka, Table Of Contents) would be useful for someone to detect easily the Outline of the note and focus on what he is interested most! Evernote support collaboration (chatting, shared notes editing, etc). Without common easy-accessed (e.g. Google-Docs) Headings Style and Anchoring a collaborative note can easily become a mess! 2.2. Cons Evernote is not Everdocs For Headings/Outlines you may use other software! 3. External Links and Information http://sachachua.com/blog/2008/01/note-taking-random-notes-journal-entries-outlines-and-hyperlinks/ https://www.mindmeister.com/blog/effective-note-taking/
  2. I hadn't realized it until now that I read your comment, that evernote is provided for "notes" and not for "documents". From one point of view the two major differences between the two seems to be firstly the Headings/Ouline and secondly the Styles support. Evernote can do so many things, including Tables handling, importing images and video files, add other files, but doesn't have any Headings/Outline support neither support styles. Things that end-users request and want, as they want their paid and favorite tool to have the extended ability to keep also documents and not only notes, without having the need to use other programs. For example when I'm in a meeting and want to access some information, I want to access it directly from a note, checking via Outline or scroll-through the note, without having to open all .doc files in the note trying to find out where is what I want, and waiting all files to be opened by external viewers in my "slow &low-memory" android device, making me looking "funny & lost" in the meeting! Unfortunately recently I started to use Google-Docs to write structured documents easily accessed from PC and Android, with Headings/Outlines, which I could write them in Evernote if Headings/Outlines where at least basically supported (like e.g. as Google-Docs does)! Thus now I'm sharing Google-Docs with others, instead of Evernote-notes, with the following negative impacts: I don't have the docs direct organized in my Evernote folders/tags (as I have my notes); thus I have issues on notes/docs organization which means evernote is not working efficiently (as main use of evernote is for organization/retrieval of ideas, notes, documents etc). I have to redirect colleagues to use Google-Docs, instead of Evernote (which is a negative for Evernote!). This is like advertising Google-Docs instead of Evernote just because Evernote doesn't want to support basic (numbered) Heading/Outlines making a "non-productive" discrimination between "Note" and "Document". Just with this add-on Evernote note could compete Google-Docs much better! And I'm here "complaining" somehow, because I don't want to use Google-Docs but Evernote which I prefer (due to it's organization abilities) and pay for... Using applications out of Evernote for editing/sharing notes/ideas/documents etc breaks/degrades the whole "organization" that evernote provides. Evernote doesn't seems to want to cover our needs (and the needs of all others that want to write and share something more structural than plain notes) by simply including Headings/Outlines, anchors to them (easy access topics per heading/outline) and secondary styles at least for the Headings/Outline (for users custom format; as Google-Docs simply does). At first I was enthusiastic about Evernote - having the impression that those basic feature extending notes to simple organized accessible documents (like Google-Docs for example) will be implemented in the future. I proposed it to my colleagues and they use it a lot. Recently I send a Google-Doc (simple Headed-Text Document with some structured ideas not just small note!) to a colleague and his first answer was: "Why didn't you send it in Evernote?".. Answer: "Ehm.. It was difficult for me to organize the document". Yes. I didn't felt very proud for the motivation I had done to them; to use evernote for our needs! I'm feeling that I did the wrong choice. Maybe! Now, after a year and so, I'm starting to worry if this was never the plan for Evernote. This is why I got back to forums and search if there is any case these user-requests, which I believe are relative simple to be implemented, are to be ever implemented. And when I read the above commend with the discrimination about "Note" and "Document" I became really disappoint, and decided to write all the above with good will. I don't want Evernote to replace Word functionality in documents, but at least provide the possibility to users that seriously use it (i.e. for their work, and not just for hobby) to be able to do something more serious than just keeping plain notes and files like a "file cabinet in cloud". At the end, with the different free-templates that Evernote provides it seems that Evernote creators wants this application to be used not just for notes! Thus why to deny the use for something more useful like Simplified Organized (Outlined) Documents? Why to force us to use other applications for our relatively minor extra needs? So, please think about the move to provide us with: Headings / Outlines Anchors to Outlines Styles (for the Outlines at least) thus we can have the motivation to still promote evernote as a "all-in-one tool that you need to have" when it comes to notes/ideas/simple docs/lists/collaborating and other organization issues.
  3. Hi. Combining multiple tags in Android, by pressing and hold them is a very good feature. E.g. When I long press on tag "Animals", it displays me the tags that exist in notes that have also the tag "Animals", e.g. "Elephants", "cats", "dogs". Then if I long press on "dogs" I have selected both tags "Animals" and "dogs", and by pressing "View Articles" I can see all articles that they have those tags. However this is not working properly if I use firstly the "Search tag" feature, on the top of the tag list. E.g. If I search "Anima" to find the tag "Animals" among thousands of tags, and then long-press it, the other tags won't be visible as before. Only tags containing the phrase "Anima" will be visible, even thought I have selected the wanted tag. And there is way to see other tags that can be combined with the selected tag! What I would expect, is that after the long-press to "Animals" the search to be cleared, all tags that co-exist in articles with the tag "Animals" to be visible and "Animals" to be green-highlighted (selected). From there I should be able to search again e.g. "dog" in order to find "dogs" tag and be able to long-press it again. This seems to be huge problem when I'm trying to find old notes fast (e.g. during a meetings) by searching and combining tags using the press and hold procedure quickly on tags. This just doesn't work! Could you please fix it to the wanted behavior (as I have denoted with italics)? Thanks.
  4. * Started at 29 Dec 2013. * Previous post at 6 Jan 2015. * We are at 24 Feb 2017 and it seems that even now EverNote does not support such a feature. Isn't it a bit disappointing? +1 vote up I wrote my idea for almost the same issue at it seems and someone linked me to this post: An idea is to use "temporary-tags" to create the AND queries is a workaround (although this may update tons of notes without reason!). Please, Evernote team, make a relative update to help your customers.
  5. The idea of using temporary tags (to "cache" the results per search) seems quite interesting as workaround. Evernote should do this internally (or automated) however as this is such a basic thing for searching. I understand the connection with AND/OR mixed operations, but I think this approach (breaking the queries) can be more understandable for many more users, specially if a proper GUI is used thus the user can be able to add/remove multiple AND queries (with buttons (+) /(-) like i.e. when searching in some email browsers). Ps. It's quite disappointing that such important features seems to be ignored; if that's the case. If I have such needs by using Evernote for a month - and Evernote can't help it - what will happen after 2 years?
  6. With Tags I have a problem when I am trying to select any note of different tags, by rejecting at the same time notes that have other specific tags. I.e. suppose that I have many notes in my notebooks containing the tags apple, lemon, tomato and fresh, good, not-to-eat, deadly, etc, etc, etc. Now I am searching to find ANY notes having the apple, lemon and tomato tags, which are also not tagged as not-to-eat or deadly. How can I achieve such a search? What I tried is to select tags apple, lemon and tomato with option ANY, and then add the command "-tag:not-to-eat" (and later the "-tag:deadly"). However by adding the command "-tag:not-to-eat" is suddenly fetching and all the notes that does not have the tag not-to-eat ! Thus the search result, returns almost all notes even if they are not tagged as apple, lemon or tomato! (i.e. because almost all notes they are not tagged as not-to-eat) The only solution to this problem seems to be a Search over the Search results of the first search. What I mean? Do a search of type ANY with tags apple, lemon, tomato. Then click on a button like [New Search on Search Results], or (+) button or whatever (This also could be a command like "--cacheResults") By pressing this button, evernote should cache the Resulted notes as the only notes that are going to be used for the next search. Do a search of type ANY with tags "-tag:not-to-eat", "-tag:deadly". This search will be applied ONLY on the previously cached Resulted notes of the previous Search. Thus this search will select all apple, lemon or tomato notes that are not tagged as not-to-eat, or deadly. This is what I need for now. Furthermore if we need to include/exclude more tags on the "eatable" apple, lemon or tomato notes we should be able to: press again the (+) button (or type --cacheResults again) add new search query, i.e. "-tag:very-expensive" and "tag:by-greengrocer" A. Is the above search-behavior possible in current Evernote Search Engine? (without having to modify the notes, i.e. moving the search resulted notes to a common notebook - cache notebook) B. If not, how about implementing such a very very useful behavior in future?
  7. I use the evernote to keep notes for my studies and other prof. works. In both cases the notes are not simple texts, but organized information using Headings, and color/format notations for different things. The problem is that without having Styles I have to manually change color/size/font on different text parts, wasting a lot of time. And some times making wrong style notations. If evernote could support styles (and support some kind of Table of contents utility per note) it could be very handful.
  8. Anchor points inside notes, and a way to link to them efficiently (from the same note, or external link to note and to anchor) is something I need for evernote. This provides an extra level of information organization. Please in the next update take it into consideration. +1
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