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All Tasks Lost



I had all of my tasks in a single notebook, and they now all show as "Untitled Task" after I opened the page on my mobile device (I usually use desktop). I know the names are still there because I see them in the Task view, but not in the Note view (which is my preferred way of managing tasks). Anyone else seen this and have a fix?

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 3.45.38 AM.png

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@aweinstein100Can you please provide some more details so we can help figure out what is going on?

  1. Is the screenshot above from your mobile device or desktop?
  2. After the tasks disappeared in the mobile device, do they still appear in the desktop or did those become Untitled as well?
  3. Did you edit the note in any way in the mobile desktop, or did they show up as Untitled as soon as you opened the note?
  4. What versions of the desktop and mobile versions are you using?
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1. Screenshot is from desktop, but I had the same view in Mobile. What happened was: I primarily use desktop, and opened up the mobile app for the first time in a while. I opened this file on Mobile, and noticed that everything showed as untitled, and it also had created a duplicate file because of a sync issue. I then tried to open on desktop, but I saw the same thing - two identical files, both showing all tasks as untitled. 

2. They became untitled in both places. 

3. I'm pretty sure it showed as untitled as soon as I opened it, although I believe I tried to edit it after that to see if it would help

4. It's whatever the latest was when I posted - I think 10.16.7.

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