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  1. 1. Screenshot is from desktop, but I had the same view in Mobile. What happened was: I primarily use desktop, and opened up the mobile app for the first time in a while. I opened this file on Mobile, and noticed that everything showed as untitled, and it also had created a duplicate file because of a sync issue. I then tried to open on desktop, but I saw the same thing - two identical files, both showing all tasks as untitled. 2. They became untitled in both places. 3. I'm pretty sure it showed as untitled as soon as I opened it, although I believe I tried to edit it after that to see if it would help 4. It's whatever the latest was when I posted - I think 10.16.7.
  2. I had all of my tasks in a single notebook, and they now all show as "Untitled Task" after I opened the page on my mobile device (I usually use desktop). I know the names are still there because I see them in the Task view, but not in the Note view (which is my preferred way of managing tasks). Anyone else seen this and have a fix?
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