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Import Folders Function is duplicating notes?

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It's great that the import folder function is back. I've now switched all devices from legacy to version 10.

However EN is duplicating the files in the folder that I'm using. (It's a local google drive folder). And I'm keen to know why?


  1. Create a new folder in Google Drive
  2. Create a new Notebook in EN
  3. Create the folder import link
  4. Dump the files I want into my new GD folder (approx 300 files in this instance)

At this point EN does it's thing, however twice...

I've deleted the GD folder, deleted the notebook and tried again, same result with the duplicates?

Does anyone have any insite on how the system works and what I might be doing incorrectly, or a work around to assist?

Thanks in advance.

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Had only tried with a local folder on my Mac yet - however one that is synced with iCloud.

It does exact what I expect it to do: Once I drop a file there, a new note is created and the file attached. One, not two!

Maybe try with a local folder as well. If it works there, maybe the Google drive sync alters the file, and makes EN believe it is a new file.

If this is tried, I would ask support about it.

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Ok, but new stupid limits

1) I have exported a notebook to an enex file some time ago. Now I cannot import it's too big, Limit 200 MB

Importif it works goes to a new Folder Importert(name of exported folder) when I want to move the notes  I can only select 50 notes.

Forget it, do it with Joplin



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AFAIK there is no limit on the ENEX file size. But there may be a note that grows larger than 200MB, which is the limit for an individual note.

Your third paragraph is a bit incomprehensible.

Since there is no notebook information in an ENEX file, it makes sense to create on file per notebook, name it accordingly and import one file at a time, into a matching notebook. You can export a complete notebook, the 50 notes limit applies only for the selection of individual notes.

If all this does not work out, you can still use the legacy client that has some more options for import, export and moving notes.

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