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Will Tasks be Available with Premium Subscription?



In the past, I've had a Premium subscription to Evernote. I've stopped using Evernote, but I'm considering coming back, with a Premium subscription (if I go back to Evernote, I need a Premium subscription for features other than just tasks). I know that Tasks Early Access is available to everyone now, but there are no details about who can use it once early access is over. Will users with Premium accounts be able to use Tasks? I don't want to come back to Evernote and pay for a Premium account only to find out that I'll loose access to Tasks after Early Access.


@Shane D. I saw that you offered to answer any questions about tasks-- can you verify that Premium users will get Tasks access, and that Evernote won't restrict it only to Business users, or try to create an even more expensive plan/sell Tasks separately? Thank you in advance for clarifying this.

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This question has already been answered, with as much detail as possible at the moment:

  • All users will have access to Tasks in general, Basic as well
  • Advanced features (AFAIK it is not yet defined what these will be) will be available for Premium and Business users only.
  • Business will probably have some additional collaborative features, that only make sense in a group working together. Beside these Premium and Business will look alike.
  • Plus users will have to wait what options will show on their tasks setup.

If not sure you can subscribe for a month as well.

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Hi, there are only 2 plans that are actually available: Premium and Business. Business is different to Premium in collaborative features only. There is Plus, but only users that were on Plus back in 2017 can continue to use it.

There is an official help document about tasks here:


In there is a list of tasks that will only be available to subscribers:

It is possible that this list will be extended, when Tasks evolve. Anyhow when on Premium you don’t need to bother, you simply get it.

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