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Missing Insert Sketch when editing a note on iOS v10.11

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I love the Sketch feature on iOS.  But with this build, I can't insert these any longer.  

The old flow was: Edit a note, click the blue 'Insert' Plus sign, choose 'Sketch' in the bottom right.  That option is missing now.  Help, please bring it back!


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They are still there, but since EN added more options like Tasks and Google Drive, the box seems to be too low.

You have to move the insert box a little up to see the 2 bottom options.

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It was not at all obvious that box is scrollable.  Now that I know, I can use this feature that I depend on.  Thanks!

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I spent 30 minutes trying to figure this out - wish I'd seen your comment PinkElephant!
Need some indicator that the menu scrolls so hopefully your support ticket sees a change.


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