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  1. The problem is that the box is behind the toolbar. So even if I scroll down to the last options, I still can't read them because they are covered by the toolbar. I can't reposition the box. So, I can't read the last 2 options, no matter what.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was not at all obvious that box is scrollable. Now that I know, I can use this feature that I depend on. Thanks!
  3. A recent upgrade of Evernote causes the options on the insert menu to be covered up by the Edit toolbar, in iOS. The screenshot below shows this in action. It makes it hard to select the bottom two options on the menu. I'm running v10.11 on an iPad Pro.
  4. I love the Sketch feature on iOS. But with this build, I can't insert these any longer. The old flow was: Edit a note, click the blue 'Insert' Plus sign, choose 'Sketch' in the bottom right. That option is missing now. Help, please bring it back!
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