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Just upgraded to the latest version and have sync question

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Hi there,


Former legacy user here (premium member). In the legacy version, there was a "sync" button on topic where you could manually sync what you're writing on your desktop to the evernote cloud. 


I know Evernote automatically does sync--and it appears to be making changes and syncing--but...is there there a still a sync button so I could do this manually?

Also, does Evernote still have a history of the versions of each note you do? 

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No sync button on desktops - however it exists on the mobile apps. There is a thread with a vote to return it to the desktop clients as well.

Personally I am in favor of it as well - on rare occasions I had the v10 client on my Mac upsync, but not downsync for a while.

The note history is still there, accessible on the web and (if I remember well) on desktops. Works as before, a timeline of changes, and the option to reset the current note to an older version, or to create a duplicate note with an older version.

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There is a manual sync button but you have to dig it out. 

(I'm doing this on my Android 10 phone.) 

1. On your EN homepage, go to the "hamburger" (three horizontal stacked lines)  in the bottom left of your screen.

2. pick the "settings gear" icon, (top right on the settings screen)

3. pick, "sync" from the list

4. pick, "sync now"

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