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  1. Thanks! I'm doing it on my Mac desktop and don't see the "hamburger" or settings gear. I suspect it might be a mobile thing.
  2. Thanks so much for this speedy and comprehensive answer! Appreciate it. Will look for the thread to vote for the sync returning to desktop clients. Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, Former legacy user here (premium member). In the legacy version, there was a "sync" button on topic where you could manually sync what you're writing on your desktop to the evernote cloud. I know Evernote automatically does sync--and it appears to be making changes and syncing--but...is there there a still a sync button so I could do this manually? Also, does Evernote still have a history of the versions of each note you do?
  4. I'm using an ipad running 14.4, just tried to open Evernote (which has opened in the past on my ipad) and it's stuck. All I see are 4 scrollable screens advertising the new features. I cannot access the actual app. Is this because it is not compatible with the newest mac ios? I deleted my old app, reinstalled from the app store and have the same issue. With Mac, you can't go back to an earlier ios. HELP! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. (unless there's something I'm not doing to access the actual app). Thanks.
  5. Apple is upgrading their OS to Big Sur (Mac OS11). Is the latest version of Evernote compatible (do you expect it to be)? If not, when will you be releasing a version that is?
  6. Hi there, I mistakenly installed the new version (which is not compatible with my Mac 0S --10.9.5) I tried downloading the legacy version, which also wasn't compatible and then found a copy of 6.1 (which is, apparently, compatible). It told me I had to delete my database. I have VERY important work files in Evernote. Will this delete them? Also, how do I delete the database if this does not delete them. If it does delete them, can I back them up first? And how? I'm a premium user and would appreciate any and all help. Thanks.
  7. HELP!! I just installed the Evernote update and it's not compatible with my OS (I use an older Mac with Mavericks 10.9.5 and can't upgrade because my other work software isn't compatible with newer OS's). Can anybody provide me with a link to a version of Evernote that's compatible with 10.9.5? I am freaking out because I use this for work. I'm a premium user and can use it in the cloud but prefer the desktop version. Eternal thanks in advance.
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