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Strongarming us to upgrade?



Maybe I am not understanding, but it SEEMS like you either upgrade or you lose the ability to sync to your devices with the free version.  seems a little heavy handed and over marketing to me.  Is this true?  If so that's pretty annoying.  Marketing is so annoying.  I think people are incrementally more and more annoyed by "marketing" tactics as each second ticks by...marketers think they are being clever but it just seems sneaky to people.  Why not let folks who can afford it pay, and help the rest of us succeed so we CAN afford stuff like this.

Hopefully I am misunderstanding.  I want to embrace evernote, I'm hoping to embrace evernote, but this gives me pause now...

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You find the details here:

This means you can have one desktop and one mobile device synced, or 2 mobiles, or 2 desktops (including the web client). If you want something else, you can change the setup, but only a few times per month. There are some other limitations, but as long as you stay within, you can continue to use it over a long time without contributing.

I would not complain too much about the marketing guys. It is their budget that enables you and other basic users to use EN.

And no, there is no „pay as you please“. When you want to unlock the full features, it is subscription time.

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