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How to add due date?



I'm on iPad and Windows, can't figure out how to find the menu to add a due date. Adding a reminder with date did not add a due date. 

See it when creating but can't retroactively add.

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When you go to the tasks tab in the side bar, and click on any task, you get 2 symbols: A calendar and a bell.

The calendar is meant to set the due date, the bell to set a reminder. It can as well be used to modify it once it was set.

Screen Shot from my iPhone:


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First, thank you , Pink Elephant without your post I'm not sure I would have found the settings. But it is super hard to see this. 

On my Ipad, I had to tap the subtask (I had a note with a list of other tasks) not the note itself. Then I got this which had the two icons:



In Windows it was different and super difficult to see. You, again, have to click the individual task and then a small set of four dots appears. Clicking those dots will bring up a pop up with controls on due date and time. This is what this looks like. 


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