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Evernote Reliability

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I attended an academic conference recently; there was abundant wifi. Somehow, though, Evernote duplicated and pushed out to all my devices a copy of my master dissertation research note. It's 50k+ words. Moreover, Evernote did not label it as a conflict, but the detailed info shows a difference of 20 words or so. And then, it kept showing the green circular arrow "syncing" icon on multiple notes for HOURS, including overnight. These were small notes, and I was connected to the internet the entire time. 

I'm frustrated that I can't easily compare these two massive notes. I'm frustrated at the apparent syncing issues. And I'm frustrated at how these are undermining my trust in Evernote's reliability as an academic tool. Been a paying customer for years...

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You tell a sad story.

What I am missing is any detail about what client(s) you used, and what you did on/in/with that note when it was split. Split because you say yourself the two versions were not the same, as the word „duplicate“ implies.

20 words may be seen as nothing on a larger note, but to me it seems the „watchdog“ for note integrity got sufficiently nervous about it to create a safety copy.

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I don't know which device created the alternate/duplicate note. 20 words difference suggests I added an entry somewhere in the note, but then, why didn't it just update instead of forking off as a new note? 

  I have the latest Evernote on an iPhone 12 Plus (iOS 14.5), an 11" 2021 iPad Pro (iOS 14.5), and I run the Legacy Evernote on my 2019 16" MBP (most recent build of Catalina, not Big Sur)

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