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My wife got a new phone and now it's insisting we upgrade and provide a credit card. I can't find a way to delete the old phone so that we are only using two again. It seems that if we provide a credit card number in order to get into the account and delete a device, We have to cancel the non-refundable subscription in order to return to Basic plan.

Is this thing really holding our notes hostage for $54 dollars?

How do we access our account to delete a device without paying?

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Solving it by upgrading: 1 month would be enough to remove the cap of 2 devices, get things sorted and fall back. Would not break the bank, just in case you have already used up the 2 free unsyncs / month while trying.

Solving it by removing device: Log into account (Evernote.com), go to account settings, devices tab and remove the old device. You can only unsync 2 devices per month. You can use any client as well - account, devices.

In the future use the client installed to quit the device from the account before discarding it.

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