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How to modify saved search parameters

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How to modify saved search parameters? I have saved searches carried over from the legacy version of Evernote where I could easily edit by selecting the saved search from the pulldown next to the search icon. In the new Evernote, Edit Saved Search only allows the search to be renamed and be added to shortcuts. All the other functionality is missing. 

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The sequence is first change it, then save it

  • Open it, modify the parameters by clicking on the 3 dots, select filters, do the changes
  • save it again - when you enter the same name, it will overwrite the existing saved search
  • Done

Edit: This works in the iOS client, not on desktop. 

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23 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

it will overwrite the existing saved search

Interesting. On windows it tells me that the search name already exists and won't let me overwrite it.

Although I've recommended this workaround in the past it doesn't always work for me especially if adding an additional filter from the filter menu.

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This was on iOS - the „Save“ box comes empty as default, and accepts the same name as before.

On desktop (tried it on Mac) it puts the name of the search into the box, and only shows the save button active when this name is changed.

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