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Saving the note if it takes up the whole screen

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I have the note on full screen and zoomed in so the tect it is quite large abd can be seen easily.

Can I use Ctrl-s to Sync/Save what I have done every now and then or do I have to go to the Sync button  on top left of the Desktop Home Page ?


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Hi.  You haven't mentioned what device,  OS or what Evernote version you're using,  though obviously Ctrl is a Windows thing...  and I have no idea.  Why not try Ctrl-S and see what happens?

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Sorry, yes it is a Win 10x64 PC and I use EN

I have found a sync option in the Note Tools option so guess I can use it.

I do use the Ctrl S but there doesn't seem to be any reaction so not sure if it does save it.

I would like a little revolving circle on the actual note like it is in the home page.

Many thanks for the help.

Ah haa. I have just seen on that Tools menu it is the F9 key to save.

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