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Hi. Users have reported blank displays just after upgrading,  while the app updates itself completely.  Sometimes it takes signing out and back in,  or a complete restart; but no-one I know has been left without notes. 

If this is still an issue for you - OS? Evernote version? device?

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Hi, thanks for replying so quickly.  I have to say I regret massively upgrading because the search function which was so brilliant is now non existent.  I am looking at alternative apps because of this.  The blank displays have only just happened in last 2 days and are being reported by the people I've shared notes to, across all browsers and on phones and in emails.  It's a nightmare.

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Well - if you can share more details of what's going on, and what OS/device/version we're talking about here,  we might be able to help.  You're a subscriber so you can contact Support (which is not us, by the way - mainly other users here...) and/ or if you're on a desktop you could revert back to the 'old' Evernote setup.



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