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  1. So, when I first started copying a link to social media, if there was a picture in the Note it would show. Then alas that functionality was taken off in order to promote the Evernote brand by showing the logo instead. Now, there is not preview AT ALL, just a hideously boring 'EVERNOTE VIEWER', which no one in their right mind would bother to open. i pay for PLUS. I have recommended dozens of people to Evernote. I am now actively looking for another app that is similar. This functionality is the deciding factor in leaving Evernote. Why don't the developers ask people before changing something
  2. Oh no. I hope they don't do a replacement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the one I'm using - now that I've been able to get it back to the display it was before. I mostly use installed version (agree, much better) but use the web version when away from my computer
  3. Guru!!! You are a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god!! What cretin designed the new one over the existing one which is FAR superior. I think I'm going to have to go back to using my memory stick and the old ways of saving information and disseminating it. I cannot bear pointless messing about with systems that work perfectly well. They already changed the way one can share a note which I only found out the new way by accident. I won't be upgrading to Plus next year. Just too annoying.
  4. Absolutely LOATHE the new evernote web. It looks like it's been designed for the nursery. Really unprofessional looking and totally *****. How can I make my web evernote look like it did before. I am finding it unusable.
  5. HATING the logo appearing when you share a note where before if there was a pic in the note that would appear, PLUS the fact that it was an Evernote app thing clearly in the shared link. It's so utterly Bill Gates microsoft and so vile. I hate it. It's like sharing incomprehensible code and people will be very unlikely to open this on social media which relies heavily on visuals like pics. So clearly this is very 'OFFICE' orientated and much less visual/graphic. Such a shame. That was one of the things I really liked about it and so useful for sharing stuff on social media. Won't be paying for
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