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Bring back support for MacOS Services menu



EN 7 supported the built in MacOS Services menu within the app, but it is missing in EN 10. Please bring it back.

Why: The Services Menu is a simple way to integrate system wide services with Evernote, such as Dictionary Lookup, search with Google, etc. but also user installed Services, such as the WordServices package from Devonthink with lots of text cleanup functions, texts statistics (word count, etc), and many other useful integrations. It is even possible to wrap Applescripts and Automator actions as Services. Furthermore, all Services can be assigned a keyboard shortcut for even easier use. All these posssibilities are gone from this version.

While I also lament the missing Applescript support, I think this would be a much simpler way to implement some measure of system integration.

Of note, I am not talking about adding an Evernote Service available for other apps, but of the addition of Services as a submenu under the Evernote app menu, optimally also as a contextual menu. A Send to Evernote Service available for other apps would of course also be beneficial. 

I am beginning to find 10 quite useful in terms of performance, but it is still lacking what I see as basic MacOS support.

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Good idea. We will have to wait if it is implemented.

EN puts the focus on cross platform function (Windows, Mac and web client currently are on the same release level). Mac specific properties that do not copy well to other desktop platforms will probably be neglected. Being on a Mac myself, we can only hope support for MacOS and use of MacOS strength will be improved.

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19 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

No bumping around here.

If you want to contact EN, issue a support ticket.

I did just that. The bumb surfaces the issue on the forum, which in contrast to support replies has people discussing details and benefits/problems. 

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… and we don‘t want bumping here, without any new input or idea.

If a thread goes silent, there is a reason for that, and this is a lack of interest by fellow forum users to keep a discussion ongoing. It is IMHO a question of respect to accept this.

If you have new aspects to a subject, or new information, you are always welcome to post.

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No scripting or similar in the new version. It is not supported by the framework in which EN is running. Without deeper knowledge I don‘t think the services menu will be back.

What does work is the additional popup menu provided by the PopClip menu bar helper app. It allows to integrate other services, like Alfred, Search Engines and a ton of other apps.

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