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Windows App Download Extremely Slow



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Since the release of version 10.11.5 and also with the latest version 10.12.4 the download of the Windows Installer from evernote.com is exceedingly slow.

Today I set my browser off to download and Chrome shows 22 hours left to finish.  Firefox is similar.

My Internet connection is a 100 Mb/s fibre and everything esle seems to running just fine.

Anyone else experiencing very slow download of the Evernote installers? I like to keep a copy of the most recent versions stored in case I need to reinstall.


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22 hours ago, danio72 said:

Hi there, sorry, cannot confirm.  Both macOS and PC installers are downloading here very quickly.  I am seeing 4 seconds to complete

Thanks for letting me know.  Not sure what is happening here.  I grabbed 10.12.4 from an alternative repository and it was absoutely fine. Completely confused but that's not unusual for me ;)

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