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Same note, but open in multiple windows...



It would be helpful to be able to open a note in multiple windows at the same time. For instance, if I have a large outline at the top of a note and paragraphs at the bottom... if I had that same note open in two windows, I could refer to and edit both parts of the note without having to scroll to the back and forth. I believe some text editors, like vim and emacs, are able to do this.

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What was the double post? I use Evernote on Mac and Windows.  I put in one feature request for Evernote Mac, one feature request for Evernote Windows.

Next time, what should I have do if I want to request a feature on both platforms? Should I only post the feature request for one of the platforms? Would the request still be logged for the other platform? Ex. If I request a feature on Evernote Android, would it be logged for Evernote Windows too?

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The desktop clients are twins, as are the mobile ones. And you just produced copy & paste, nothing specific for the platform.

Technically spoken you can post as often as you wish. You just produce a lot of duplicate entries - in a forum that is based on user to user interaction. Not all users have the time or patience to sift through it.

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