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"Encrypt" with no option for new password?

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Hi ...

I'm running an older version of Evernote on a Mac with OSX El Capitan.

Version 7.2 (456745 Direct)
Editor: 47.0.5287 (17d18b5)

When I try to encrypt a selection of text, a single field password input box opens with a password hint that i've used many times before.  Is there not an option to create new or different passwords when encrypting text?




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Hi.  Short answer - maybe.  I use encryption in Evernote Windows 6.25 and add my password hints in each note in plain language near to the encrypted section.  I get an invitation to submit passwords for each encryption,  and I use a different one from time to time,  which seems to work.  Your (Mac) mileage may be different...

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