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  1. I've noticed lately that the search function is not working in Evernote. I'm using the free version. (7.2) on an older Mac running El Capitan (10.11.16). I can't remember having this problem in the past with Evernote; I've used it for years. But very obvious matches, often right in the titles of documents, are not yielding any results. Very frustrating. Thanks for any input.
  2. I've been avoiding upgrading for a while, but now have 7.1 for mac, and my search function seems to be crippled. I enter the search word or phrase in the box at the top right, for a string that I know is present in dozens of document bodies and document titles, and I get the output: "0 notes found". I've used the free version of Evernote for years and it's always been a helpful information organizer, but this is absolutely ridiculous. What is going on? Is it time to quit Evernote? Searching is one of the most basic functions needed for information organizers. The f
  3. I've used the free version of Evernote for several years, and generally I'm very impressed with its abilities to offer a well-organized system of note and information keeping. However, the one complaint I have, is the lame search function and the total lack of a search-and-replace function. All basic notepad apps, and word-processing apps (openoffice, etc), even the free ones, offer this is part of a basic user package. I'm using the latest version of Evernote for Mac, and I enter a search, and it pulls up "found" matches, but the word or string is not highlighted in the do
  4. Hi. I'm generally really happy with Evernote and have been using it for years. A couple of issues, though, I'd like to mention. First, I don't have the newest version, I have 5.5.2 for Mac. Apologies if this has been addressed in recent updates. ISSUE #1: Evernote "auto-replaces" a double dash, with a longer dash. IE, this " -- " gets replaced with this " – " This is not only annoying and totally unnecessary, but if you are archiving or backing up HTML CODE, all your "comments", which use <!-- or --> get totally screwed. I would heartily suggest removing this directive.
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