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opening (not be able to) attached files from notes in Windows evernote 10.10.5




has anybody experienced a problem while opening an attached file ( any kind :  excel , powerpoint,  pdf, etc) using the EN Windows ? 

With the ios app, no problem at all,  but any attachment in Windows is shown as not available anymore .

I have contacted EN support,  they reproduced the problem but couldn't solve it yet .


If anybody has found a solution , it will be really appreciated ( my setup of the web EN  is to ,  when clicking on an attachment,  to download it and then open ;  may  be I have to change the setup for web eN  in the meantime?) 


Thanks in advance , Claudio 


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Sometimes attachments lose the file suffix .pdf .docx and so on. Check the file name if it doesn't have the suffix then right click, rename and add the suffix.

I noticed that you mention the Web EN. These are the Windows forums so I'm not sure if this is as much of an issue in the web version. Maybe ask over in that forum where there maybe others who are more familiar with web.

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I'm having the same problem.   I can not open a Word, Excel or PDF.  Getting the error message "The directory name isn't valid".  They better find a solution, this is a game changer if they cannot fix.  Been an Evernote user since 2009, however, some of the basic features I have used for many years are now not working.

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I have an open ticket with Evernote ,  they were able to reproduce the problem but no solution yet .

@agsteele:  I can confirm ,  it's not a problem about losing the extension.


I suggest @garps ,  you open a support ticket ( if not yet)  so EN will actively work on it .I'm surprised no more repplies on this issue .

In my case I use the attachments a lot to manager projects ,  not been able to directly open them (  they have to be downloaded first)  can be , like @garps said,  a game changer .

Ios works smooth 


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Would like to open a support ticket, however, I can not contact support.  I've tried within the app, within the desktop and on line.  The support log in keeps taking me back to the log in.


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